Targetting the weak and vulnerable

It is a while since we have posted on here, but a story in yesterday’s Guardian newspaper concerning the proposals to end Contributions Based Employment & Support Allowance for claimants after 12 months cannot pass without comment. The story can be found here.

It has been apparent to our advisers over recent months that the DWP appears to be targetting the most vulnerable members of society. We see this on a regular basis with clients who have been sanctioned (i.e. had their benefit suspended). Invariably those who are affected are those who speak little English and are unlikely to fight back. Decisions on sanctions can be challenged (although you need to provide evidence that you were seeking work during the period you were sanctioned for).

The deliberate targetting of the sick and disabled, which has been going for some time now, is a further area in which the DWP is attacking the vulnerable. Disabled people and those who are too sick to work feel, justifiably, that they are being victimised. The Guardian report quotes a DWP spokesperson as saying of the terminally ill: The process of working may even be helpful in giving them a sense of being useful and prolonging their lives. So it seems that Government policy is not only to victimise the weakest members of society but to force them to work until the day they die.

They should hang their heads in shame. So too should anyone who voted for the Condem parties who are targetting the weakest members of society and making them pay for the mistakes of the banking elite whose gambling excesses have precipitated the financial situation the country is in.

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