About the Centre

The Birmingham TUC Centre for the Unemployed is an independent advice centre established by the trade union movement in Birmingham in 1984. We are located in the centre of Sparkhill, at 448 Stratford Road, opposite Mushtaq’s Sweet Centre and Barclays Bank.

This is a summary of the services we currently provide. However, at the time of writing (31 January) we have no funding after 31 March, so our services are likely to be reduced and/or ended after this date. The funding reductions are a direct result of the government imposing substantial cuts to a range of funding streams that affect Voluntary Sector agencies that delivered frontline services to disadvantaged people. We hope to be able to continue after 1 April, and we are seeking donations from our supporters and clients to allow us to do so. Further details on this will be posted shortly or you can make contact with us on the details provided on this site. Our services are free of charge and we provide assistance to clients who are either unemployed or low waged. We have staff who speak Urdu, Mirpuri, Bengali, French and German, as well, of course, as English. We hold the Community Legal Services Charter Mark for General Help and Matrix Accreditation.

We currently provide services in three areas:

Welfare benefits & neighbourhood advice: drop-in advice (no appointment necessary) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.00 to 12.00. It is advisable to arrive before 9.45 to be certain of being seen as the service is very busy and clients often queue up for up to an hour before we open.

Back-to-work advice: By appointment only. Our funding is for residents of Hall Green Constituency. We can offer production of CVs, job search activities, advice on interview technique, etc.

Employment Law: We offer help up to tribunal level. We do not take on cases that are working with a trade union, although we will assist in cases where the legal department of a union has decided not to pursue a case (for example, where they have decided it is not financially viable to pursue it). The service is provided by volunteers who are either retired practitioners or recently qualified law students who are seeking to gain experience.

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