Welcome to Birmingham Unemployed Workers Centre Blog!

Welcome to our new blog!

We shall be posting items of interest to unemployed people around welfare rights and associated campaigns. We shall provide links to other bodies who we like or who may provide information of use to you.

This site is just starting up so bear with us while we get it populated with useful stuff. And do let us know what you think about our blog and what information would be helpful for you – because if it is of use to you, it will be of use to others!

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2 Responses to Welcome to Birmingham Unemployed Workers Centre Blog!

  1. Cheryl Pidgeon says:

    Dear Reader

    Already 150 Post Offices have closed this year and 900 are up for sale, many more face an uncertain future.

    Yesterday, hundreds gathered at Westminster to protest at the government’s plans to privatise Royal Mail. People rallied to protect the universal postal service and the network of Post Offices at the heart of our communities.

    Now you can join them in taking action to prevent the privatisation of Royal Mail right from home. Please take 60 seconds to send a letter to your MP.

    Our protest seeks to protect the universal service – six deliveries a week and one-price-goes-anywhere – particularly valued at this time of year.

    This key public service is a vital infrastructure that supports communities and local businesses. A private company may focus on cutting costs without considering the wider community impact.

    To protect our local communities and your Christmas post, we must stop the privatisation of the Royal Mail. We need you to write to your local MP.

    Speak out now. We’ve written a sample letter and supplied the contact info, we just need you to take a moment and add some personal touches.


    In a recent national survey, 78 percent of the public believed privatising Royal Mail would be a bad deal for the taxpayer and 82 percent believed prices would go up.

    So if you agree with the majority of Britains and don’t want a more expensive, less regular service, don’t let this government lead us to privatisation.

    Take action now.

    Billy Hayes, General Secretary, CWU
    Keep the Post Public Coalition

  2. Cheryl Pidgeon says:

    Great idea,
    If there is anyone following who has been affected by the Government’s cuts or knows someone or a family who has been affected by the cuts – it would be really helpful to hear from them with their stories.The TUC is collecting real life stories of the cuts to highlight the devastation of the cuts on Members, families and communities. Thanks for your support. Tell us your story- thanks for your help- it is truly appreciated.
    Cheryl Pidgeon
    Regional Secretary
    Midlands TUC

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